Recharge the Rain

 Recharge the Rain moves participants through a continuum from awareness to knowledge gain to conceptual understanding to action, inspiring teachers, students and community members to adopt an ethic of environmental stewardship. Participants understand the relationships between local watershed health, the hydrologic cycle as well as the urban heat effect, and the repercussions of extreme weather events. They have invested in rainwater harvesting initiatives and employed their skills to mitigate environmental hazards for community resilience to increased temperatures, extreme storm events, and persistent drought.

Recharge the Rain Teachers

Since 2017, Recharge the Rain has worked with 27 4th-12th grade Tucson teachers at 16 schools developing curricula in climate literacy and engineering design of rainwater harvesting systems, engaging students in citizen science monitoring projects, and implementing student-led designs of schoolyard rainwater harvesting systems.

In 2020 we have a cohort of new teachers and mentor teachers focusing in working groups on the topics of:

  • Science Investigations in Schoolyard Living Laboratories

  • Engineering Design of Rainwater Harvesting systems

  • Student Climate Action and Community Engagement through Artistic Expression


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Recharge the Rain Students

Students are at the core of building community resilience learning about our watershed and the local climate threats of increased temperatures, extreme storm events, and persistent drought. Using the engineering design process they develop designs of rainwater harvesting systems employing rain basins to sink the rain and support native plants. Schoolyards are transformed into living laboratories for students to investigate the newly developed ecosystems using tools such as:

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Recharge the Rain Community

Community members can learn more about rainwater harvesting through:

If you would like to participate in rainwater harvesting installations at schools contact Betsy Wilkening. Opportunities are available to participate in Watershed Management Group's (WMG)  Green Living Co-op program. Learn more about WMG's School Program.

The Tucson office of the National Weather Service has information about monthly, daily normal and extreme weather and climate reports for learning more about our home.

Become a WMG Docent Visit WMG's Living Lab & Learning Center

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