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Thanks to the sponsorship of Tucson Water, Arizona Project WET is able to offer in-classroom presentations and field trips for students within the Tucson water service area. An enthusiastic and diverse group of University of Arizona student Water Educators facilitate learning through inquiry and exploration. The Tucson Water Journey for 4th Graders is a curricular unit fully aligned to Arizona Science Standards that includes an in-classroom groundwater presentation and field trip to Sweetwater Wetlands. Partnerships launching this new curriculum unit are in place with SUSD and TUSD. Fourth graders from other districts are invited to attend a 4th Grade Water Festival. Middle and high school classes can request a groundwater presentation that emphasizes the availability of water within our unique hydrologic cycle and it's impact on our lives. Field trips to Sweetwater Wetlands are also available for upper grades and feature our Discovery Program, an interactive experience that invites students to make observations about the phenomena occurring at the wetlands and discover answers to their scientific questions

Before scheduling an event please visit APW's event calendar to check availability. 

Tucson Water Journey for 4th Graders

The presentation and field trip are part of APW's Tucson Water Journey for 4th Graders Program. The in-class groundwater presentation provides students with an opportunity to discover identify the parts of the groundwater system and explore relationships between surface water and groundwater using a 3-D model and visual representations. After the in-class presentation teachers have the opportunity to bring their students to a field trip to the Sweetwater Wetlands. There, students experience an oasis in the desert and learn about the role that wetlands play in our environment. They also engage with models and simulations to learn about watersheds, water conservation technology and the water cycle.

Teachers that participate in this program attend a one-day workshop prior to scheduling the presentation and field trip. Please contact APW if you would like to register.

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6th - 12th Groundwater Presentations


APW's in-class groundwater presentation uses systems thinking, interactive groundwater flow models and the opportunity to build a conceptual or thinking model. Students are challenged to discover for themselves how the system works and why it matters to them. The 50-minute presentation is designed to construct new knowledge, deconstruct misconceptions and teach about the local groundwater system.



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Discovery Journey Sweetwater Wetlands Field Trip


The Discovery Journey program challenges students to make observations, explore and discover new things about Sweetwater Wetlands. In other words, they become true scientists. Students document their discoveries and share them with classmates when they're back in the classroom. 




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